Custom Solutions

We offer full, turnkey automated commands and information systems. We also provide any of our services separately as needed. We give an immense level of service to our clients, from the primary stages of design to long term support and maintenance. Our Service for System Automation includes the following structure.

Designed for Your Convenience

Design and Engineering:

We understand that every facility is diverse and has a unique collection of needs. That is why we will create and manage your system, depending on your functional requirements. We proffer our recommendations as to what factors would provide the best solutions for your arrangement. Be it from electrical engineering to software operations and product recommendations.

Total Control Systems Integration

Our priority is guaranteeing that your system can keep things moving. We have the
experience and talent to integrate your PLC, conveyors, sorters, and other vital
elements. We also cater to different industry needs like process control systems for food
and liquor facilities and robotic cells for the automotive and tangible handling industries.

Access Your Record

Data and Visualization 
Access information is the facility that is extremely valuable to the performance and growth of your enterprise. MarkWeb IT will provide you with the proper HMI or SCADA, depending on the data you require to access. On-Site Services

Installation and Startup
When it’s time for your system to go live, you need to make sure that all goes as planned. Our proficient team of electrical installers will be on-site to work with you and your engineers to establish your new system. They stay on-site as required after startup to test the system. They will end up ensuring that the system is integrated adequately and running smoothly.